Our Story

We are precision machnists with a cumulative 180 years of experience.  Since 2002 we have been engaged in the manufacture of quick detachable scope mounts for firearms.  From the traditional claw mount, to WW2 German sniper mounts, restoration or full custom, we have built all types of scope mounts.  This in depth understanding drove us to develop the revolutionary Absolute Zero System |0| (AZ). The Absolute Zero device was designed to address the short comings of all previous quick detach* types. 

Order complete sets, extra ring sets to change optics in the same base or additional bases to swap optics from rifle to rifle.

* True Quick detach!!  The term “quick detach” is often used incorrectly.  Any system that requires a secondary operation such as the hand manipulation of a lever to tighten or loosen is merely a “detachable” mount.