• Absolute Zero |0| System, Dreadnought Series, AR15


    Clawmounts Mfg Inc. presents the Absolute Zero (AZ) "Dreadnought" series. AZ allows a shooter to instantly change a weapon's sighting system to meet changing circumstances. Adaptation in the blink of an eye. Advanced yet simple, AZ is self locking with no cumbersome levers or screws, the fastest mount in the world. 

    The AZ Dreadnought series is a new departure intended to focus on the tactical, extreme long range and hunting/target/competition realms. We chose to name the latest version "Dreadnought" not only for the play on words (literally means "Fear Nothing" here applied to AZ, because all scopes return to zero every time) but because, like the Dreadnought, it's introduction made all previous designs in it's sphere obsolescent. 

    The system's revised styling provide a more compact unit with greater eye relief adjustment. A true Quick detach mount with complete interchangeability of optical devices. The fastest QD scope mount in the world and all attachments return to their zero, Absolute Zero. 

    The AZ Dreadnought AR15 height mount is available in complete sets in 30, 34, 35, or 40 mm rings with extra ring set options in the same scope tube diameters to interchange multiple optics on one weapon. Separate base units are also available allowing scopes to interchange from rifle to rifle with appropriate adjustments to that particular rifle. AR 15 platform bases come in 0, 25, and 45 MOA. Please specify with your order.